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Our vision is to provide the neighborhoods we serve with a robust elementary school that prepares students to enter and excel in a college preparatory high school. Our goal is that 100% of our students graduate and are able to attend one of their top three high school choices. We will provide students with a transformative experience that focuses on developing their academic skills while helping them to develop strong character and love for learning.



Create schools that dramatically transform the lives of K-8 students and prepare them for success in college and in life through: a rigorous and personalized academic program, a focus on holistic education and the development of strong character.



Chicago Education Partnership was formed for the purpose of helping children in the city of Chicago flourish. We want them to grow strong minds and healthy bodies, be successful, thrive and prosper. This purpose is being accomplished daily at Moving Everest Charter School.  We invite you to take a look!


"We have a moral imperative to knock down the barriers to a successful life faced by the most vulnerable - our children."

mike rogers  |  Founder

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About Us

CEP is committed to creating schools where learning is personalized for our scholars in order to meet them where they are and help them grow appropriately on their path and at their pace. Beyond this, at our schools, scholars will: receive instruction from outstanding teachers, learn in a blended learning environment, receive character education, have the option to choose to attend free after school programming with a high quality provider, and participate in an extended school day and year.







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